Our Founder

Arjuna O’Neal grew up on 7 Mile on Detroit’s Eastside, surrounded by poverty and trauma. The son of a drug dealer, he was exposed to gang culture as a child and the violent lifestyle that came with it. Arjuna was only 15 when he started selling drugs himself and was running his own operation by age 17.  But everything changed one fateful day when a bullet nearly took his life, and in that moment Arjuna was confronted by every choice he’d ever made. He realized then, he had only two options to survive; to allow the cycle of violence and hopelessness that led to this moment continue, or to change everything.


The bullet had severed his femoral artery and left Arjuna paralyzed for over a year. During his long recovery, Arjuna discovered a personal relationship with God, the power of yoga to strengthen his body, and the benefits of meditation to regain control of his mind. After fully recovering, he went back to school and earned an Associate of Arts in Business, a Bachelor of Science in International Business, and a Master of Business Administration. Additionally, Arjuna expanded his yoga studies and became an E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance certified instructor.


As Arjuna transcended the trauma of his early life, he was able to recognize the spiral of self-destruction of his friends and neighbors. His near-death experience fostered a newfound calling to help others before it was too late. It was this inner calling and second chance at life that inspired Arjuna to create Share Necessities, an organization dedicated to improving communities by empowering the young people within them. As a father and an example to his own children, Arjuna is determined to help every young person he encounters to create their own healthy life, bright future, and the peace of mind that everyone deserves.