I Make It Count

The I Make It Count program empowers inner-city youth to build confidence, transform their lives, and become leaders in their communities. We teach and inspire participants in mindfulness, yoga, and leadership skills. Showing them how these tools can be used to improve their everyday lives, their education, and their future careers.



We teach emotional intelligence and resiliency through mindfulness practices.

  • Recognize and reverse negative thought patterns.
  • Increase self-esteem and self-love.
  • Improve attendance and academics.
  • Take responsibility and accountability for their actions
  • Learn and grow from their mistakes and setbacks.
  • Make healthier eating and lifestyle choices.
  • Gain greater appreciation for their community and the environment.


We enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellness through yoga and meditation. We show our participants how these techniques not only help us maintain a healthy body and a positive outlook, but to give us stability through the toughest times in our lives.



We encourage and spark unity in the community through social and civic responsibilities and activities. Participants learn that leadership starts right where they live by taking active roles in community service projects. Whether it’s delivering hygiene kits to neighbors in need, or school supplies to their low-income peers,  participants form a greater connection within their communities. They find empowerment in shaping their world and experience the joy of giving back.